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Eeeeek! Lily wrote a book!!! Out NOW!

Attention all book lovers and fairy enthusiasts! We're excited to announce the release of a brand new book that will transport you to a magical world filled with wonder and excitement - "The Secret Diary of Fairy Lily Lou."

In this enchanting book, you'll follow the adventures of Fairy Lily Lou as she joins a traveling circus and discovers the joys and challenges of having a puppy! Through her diary entries, you'll experience the thrills of circus life, meet colourful characters, and witness firsthand the bond between a fairy and her loyal furry friend.

Written in a charming and engaging style, "The Secret Diary of Fairy Lily Lou" is perfect for fairy lovers and fans of Fairy Lily Lou.

What sets this book apart is the unique perspective it offers on the world of fairies. As Fairy Lily Lou is actually a fairy children's entertainer that joined the circus, it creates a relatable short story that will capture your heart and leave you wanting more. Her diary entries are full of humor, whimsy, and connect with real life situations that any child entertained by Fairy Lily Lou will connect with.

"The Secret Diary of Fairy Lily Lou" is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fairy tales, circus stories, or has met Fairy Lily Lou. With beautiful illustrations and a magical storyline, this book is sure to become a beloved classic for fans of Fairy Lily Lou for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE and get your hands on a copy of "The Secret Diary of Fairy Lily Lou." You won't regret it and you'll be supporting a working fairy mum 😊

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