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Fairy vs Superhero

Last weekend's parties couldn't have been more different - the first on Saturday was a small fairy party in sunny Hove park and the second, on Sunday, was a Superhero in storm drenched Blakers Park, Brighton. I have never seen more British determined grit than in the faces of Sunday's soaking wet parents, all stood outside a gazebo looking in at their dry children enjoying the party fun, whilst they got wetter and wetter.

We are a determined bunch, as parents we're well aware as to what our children have been missing out on this last year, and since the world is starting to slowly reopen we're relishing every moment of 'normality' the kids can now experience, with parties coming in top of the list (alongside swimming, another major experience missed in 2020).

Both parties had an amazing time and both sets of children went away with big smiles on their faces and clutching their well deserved prizes as they skipped home, with one set just skipping that little bit faster to get out of the rain...

Thank you so much to all the party parents and attending grown ups that are adapting and accommodating the safety rules and laws so the children can still have fun at a party, and celebrating birthday's again with a bang!

Don't forget to book asap - I'm here to make sure every party, whether it's outside in the sun or rain, or indoors again, is the most perfect and amazing experience to the birthday child and all their friends.

It's good to be back!

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