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Everyone loves a bargain! Check out these ways of getting a discount on your party package!


The only condition (and there's always one!) is - only one discount option available per party booking

Discount Option One - Last Minute Deal!

Got your party coming up in the next couple of weeks? Check here as if I have availability I offer 20% off any last minute bookings. Contact me for confirmation as your location plays a big part in whether I'm physically able to get to you. I always make sure I leave plenty of time to get to parties early so I never book parties too far away from each other - the stress and potential traffic is not worth it! 

In my last 20 years of performing at parties I have never yet been late and I am determined to make sure it never happens! 

Next dates available at 20% discount for 2024 - 

Sorry - Lily is currently FULLY BOOKED until 31st March 2024

Check back next Monday for an update on any new available slots!

Discount Option Two - Everyone Loves a Critic!

I've just changed my website to this new design - if you can (as nicely as possible) offer me an improvement and you can have 5% discount off any party or entertainment booking. It can be anything from the way it's set out, to content, not liking the font or an idea for how to make it better, I want to hear your suggestions! Just the one discount though, even if you've spotted 20 spelling mistakes and desperately want me to stop turning into a fairy in the video, only one discount allowed! 

Discount Option Three - It's Social Media Time!

Like my Facebook Page HERE as I'm always posting competitions, party giveaways and other fun content - worth keeping an eye on and I'll be your best friend for life! Well, Facebook friend, which is way better than real ones.

Discount Option Four - Registered Charities!

If you're running an event for a registered charity I offer 15% discount off any entertainment option. Check out what circus and children's entertainment I have to offer HERE and I'll make sure your charity event gets the very best!

Thanks so much and I look forward to hosting your spectacular party entertainment! 

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