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  • Who are you?!
    I started my entertaining career at Haven Holidays (as it was known back then) after getting the performance bug at a Saturday stage school held at Roedean School (my dad loved to brag he had a daughter at Roedean...) and acting in numerous pantos and shows. My most favourite memory from childhood is phoning Live and Kicking back when it was still 081 811 8181 (try saying that without singing it!) and speaking to Take That in the hotseat. Ah, good memories... ​ Ok, I'm rambling. I went on to audition for a Fairy Entertainment company in London which was an incredible experience and led me to start my own company 'Fairy Dust Events'. This went from strength to strength and was becoming so popular that when I had my first child I wasn't able to give it the time needed to grow which was super frustrating. I decided to sell the company to my very best friend who has done some amazing things and continues to inspire me everyday. Did I mention I also helped found a circus school over in Worthing? This led me to make my own company Circus Brighton which specialises in circus skills entertainment and enabling children (and adults!) to experience circus for themselves, plus indulging my other love of fire performing! ​ After having my third child (yep, crazy!) I really missed entertaining and children's parties so I restarted my career as a solo artist, or rather, solo entertainer. Circus Brighton is also my baby and has been running now for over 10 years providing the best in circus entertainers and performers - check it out HERE! ​ So, I've revamped my website and upgraded my kit and discovered I love entertaining at parties and events even more than before! I've come back with a new found passion and different perspective now I'm a mum of three and am so excited about what the future holds for entertainment and the party world!
  • What parties do you offer?
    I have a set amount of pre designed packages in various themes that are the most popular but can create any party to any theme you desire! Just speak to me about your idea and I'll put together the perfect party entertainment for you.
  • How much does it cost?
    Email me at for a quote with your location and preferred date (if you have one), and I'll get back to you asap with the price and availability. Discounts are available for some time slots or I can work around any time you may already have arranged with your venue. I'm usually booked up a couple of months in advance but do have the ocassional slot available last minute.
  • How long is set up/pack down?
    For most parties around 20-30 minutes either side. If it's any longer (the circus ring for larger parties can take 45-60 minutes) it will state the time on the package and I'll make sure you're notified as well.
  • Is there an additional cost for multiple birthday children?
    Nope. I've done joint parties for 6 children before, they'll all get extra special attention and all the trimmings for their perfect day!
  • When is good for the party tea?
    For the two hour parties I break half way through for your party tea. So, if your party is 3 - 5pm we'll stop at 2pm for your party food. I'll be resetting for the second half and then will join the children to have some fun and give you a hand where possible! For one hour parties it's best to either book me for 15 minutes after your party time to ensure all the children have arrived and then do their party tea after I'm finished, or book my entertainment for the first hour (as I have great welcome games and fun for the children as they arrive!) and have the party tea when I'm finished giving you more time for the children to eat.
  • What is your party format?
    Each party has been designed specifically for the theme and is also slightly adapted depending on the children's energy levels (and ability with circus skills parties) on the day. However I plan, plan and plan some more each and every party and every eventuality just to make sure it all runs smoothly. Each party is different so let me know if you would like an breakdown of my expected timings.
  • Maximum attendance?
    Usually it's a maximum of 30, but parties can be adapted for more or less so just check with me when you have expected numbers (if only everyone RSVP'd - I understand your pain!). For fewer children I'll try and include extra activities and for more children I usually create more of a show style party to make sure everyone is super entertained!
  • How do I book?
    Just email me and I'll send you all the party details and price. We'll make sure our availability matches and then all I need is a deposit to secure your date/time and a booking form which will be emailed to you. Simples.
  • What happens if you're sick and can't make it?
    Very rare I'm sick (touch wood) but I have a number of amazing entertainers on my books that have been trained in my party style and would be sent on my behalf. I think I've not been able to attend one party in the last 10 years and they were super happy with the entertainer I sent in my place.
  • Are you a real fairy?
    Well, duh! Obviously! Haven't you seen the video?! Shush though, it's got to be a secret as for some parties I have to dress as a muggle... Only you know that though, ok?
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