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Barbie Bonanza: A DIY Dreamland for Kids' Birthday Party!

We can't get enough of Barbie right now! It's everywhere! And since my house has been turned into Barbie city this holiday I thought we could look at how to create a Barbie style party experience and have some fun! With a touch of creativity and some DIY charm, you can create a magical Barbie wonderland. In this step-by-step guide, we'll look at how to make stunning decorations, fun crafts, and exciting games for an unforgettable Barbie party that will delight all your guests. So, let's get our sunglasses on and dive into the pinktastic world of Barbie!


  1. Barbie Balloon Archway:

Materials Needed: Pink, white, and purple balloons, flexible rod, two stands, and balloon pump.

  • Instructions:

    • Inflate the balloons using a balloon pump.

    • Attach the inflated balloons to a flexible rod, alternating colors as desired.

    • Curve the rod into an arch shape and secure the ends to two stands.

    • Place the archway at the entrance to create an enchanting welcome for your guests.

    • You can even hang the balloons from the middle and weight the sides down to create a more pointy arch if you don't have access to a rod. To make the arch base you can use Ikea's 'not lamp' with the actual lamp removed and an old hula hoop for the arch in the middle, and lots of duct tape!

Check out the amazing Sandi Masori giving a demo on creating a balloon archway in this video!

2. Glittering Star Ceiling:

  • Materials Needed: Shimmering silver or gold stars, fishing line, and fairy lights (optional).

  • Instructions:

    • Tie one end of the fishing line to the stars and the other end to the ceiling.

    • Hang the stars at varying heights to create a twinkling starry sky effect.

    • Add fairy lights for an extra touch of magic!

3. Barbie-Themed Table Centrepieces: Materials Needed: Miniature Barbie dolls (The pound shop/dollar store is great for these!), fashion accessories, fresh flowers, and confetti.

  • Instructions:

    • Arrange the Barbie dolls and fashion accessories as centrepieces on the party table.

    • Surround them with fresh flowers for a pop of color.

    • Sprinkle confetti around the centrepieces for added glamour.

Crafts and Activities:

DIY Barbie Fashion Studio:

  • Materials Needed: Plain doll-sized dresses, fabric markers, stickers, ribbons, and fabric glue. Alternatively do a paper equivalent with glue and pens!

  • Instructions:

    • Set up a crafting station with all the materials.

    • Let the kids use fabric markers, stickers, and ribbons to design their own Barbie outfits on the dresses.

    • Secure any additional embellishments with fabric glue.

    • Encourage the children to let their imaginations run wild as they create unique Barbie fashions.

You can download and print below for FREE to use in your craft area! 👇

Barbie Dress-up Parade:

  • Materials Needed: Barbie-themed dress-up clothes or accessories (optional).

  • Instructions:

    • Ask the guests to come dressed as their favourite Barbie characters.

    • If needed, provide dress-up clothes and accessories for the children to wear during the parade.

    • Organize a fashion show and let each child strut their stuff on the "catwalk".

    • Award prizes for the most creative outfits.

Barbie-Themed Treasure Hunt:

  • Materials Needed: Clues, small Barbie-themed goodies for the treasure chest.

  • Instructions:

    • Create clues leading from one location to another.

    • Hide the clues around the party area.

    • The final clue should lead the kids to a treasure chest filled with Barbie-themed goodies like stickers, small dolls, and hair accessories.


Pin the Bow on Barbie:

  • Materials Needed: A poster of Barbie, large bow cutouts with adhesive on the back, blindfold.

  • Instructions:

    • Hang the poster of Barbie on a wall at children's eye level.

    • Blindfold each child and hand them a large bow cutout.

    • Spin the children around gently, and then guide them to place the bow on Barbie's hair.

    • The child who gets the bow closest to the right spot wins.

Barbie Limbo Dance:

  • Materials Needed: A limbo stick or a sturdy stick decorated with Barbie-themed wrapping paper.

  • Instructions:

    • Play some groovy music to get the kids in the dancing mood.

    • Hold the limbo stick at a comfortable height, and have the children take turns trying to limbo underneath it.

    • Lower the limbo stick after each round to see who can bend the lowest.

Barbie Memory Game:

  • Materials Needed: Pairs of Barbie-themed cards (you can print pictures or use stickers), a flat surface.

  • Instructions:

    • Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the flat surface.

    • The first player flips over two cards, trying to make a match.

    • If the cards match, the player keeps them and gets another turn. If not, the cards are turned back over, and the next player takes a turn.

    • The player with the most pairs at the end wins.

Party Favours: Send your little guests home with delightful Barbie party bags! Consider including Barbie stickers, mini dolls, hair accessories, and a thank-you card.

Hosting a DIY Barbie-themed birthday party can be a wonderful way to celebrate your child's special day. With these step-by-step instructions for decorations, crafts, games, and party favours, you'll create a magical Barbie wonderland that will make your little one's dreams come true!

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