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Aww, my first blog!

What day is it today? Caught in the black time hole of lockdown 3 I thought why not start blogging, so here I am! When parties start up again (I can't tell you how much I've missed entertaining at birthday parties, my kids are fed up with the spontaneous disco and themed party nights we have going on here. I'm left alone in my frock, bopping to Vengaboys in my front room) I'll be blogging about each party and all the fun behind the fairy scenes bits I don't usually share, so stay tuned for unexpected mishaps and party fun.

Now, how to celebrate? Maybe some cupcakes and bubbly, Hmm, not sure I have any flour left for the cake mix, and have you seen the prices for rainbow cakes these days!? Toast and coffee will just have to do for now, until the party world awakens and I can be slipped a precious cupcake from the birthday child, sometimes wrapped in a napkin, sometimes with a bite taken out, I'm not fussy. Did I mention I miss your parties soooooooooooo much?!

So, this horrid year has made me realise life is just too short, so I've enrolled to do my Masters at Brighton Uni this year - super excited as to how much it'll help me bring the very best party entertainment (and circus fun - have you checked out my other company Circus Brighton yet? Bring on the summer for some hooping!).

Anyway, the plan is to blogging once a week, (as long as I don't have a Uni deadline coming up - Asher Rospigliosi, I'm looking at you), about all the crazy party fun we'll be having again super soon - I just can't wait to see you all again and be back making the best parties ever for all the kids stuck indoors right now.

So, eventually I'll get around to having a subscribe button where you can be notified that another fairy party blog has gone up - until then just know that I miss you guys so much and I'm looking forward to dusting off my fairy wand and getting back out there making your party the best party ever!

Rainbow girl passes coat hanger to small child
Hang on there, Mum.

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