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I'm so excited to be back!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

It feels like it's been forever since we could do real, live, in person parties and all the magic has been bubbling over ready to spill out in the form of glitter, sparkle and excitement!

Parties are officially allowed again after the end of June, Government permitting, but any booking has a guarantee you're able to move it to a different date or even cancel with no charge if need be, it's been that kind of year so we all need a little guarantee here and there to make things a little safer.

Entertainment has been adapted slightly but all the magic and fun has stayed and I'm packed and ready to make your party the best party possible to make up for the toll 2020 has taken on our kids.

Let's make the second half of 2021 the best yet! Book your party entertainment now, with circus, fairytale, pirate and lots of other party themes available - hit that email button!

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